David -- Founder & Owner of Resolved.com,

Is an exceptionally experienced traveler with a disability of blindness as well as a significant hearing impairment.  He has traveled to all 50 states and some foreign countries.  He has served as a consultant to airlines, cruise lines and the US Transportation Security Agency.  He travels with his Seeing Eye dog as his guide.  Over the past 35 years he has spent at least 80% of his time engaged in travel related activities.  He is proficient in Braille production and reading, and is a strong user of assistive technology tools.

Karyl -- Co-Owner of Resolved.com,

Is an experienced Orientation & Mobility Specialist that has been involved with the independent travel needs of individuals with a variety of disabling conditions, for 30 years.  She has helped individuals to know and obtain the accessibility rights to which they are entitled.  She also has travelled extensively and has experience in the hotel and restaurant industry at the management level.  Adding to these skills, Karyl is exceptionally competent in the assistive technology aspects of accessing digital and print information, and has been training individuals with sensory impairments as well as organizations to use these tools for over 10 years.  She too, is proficient in the production and reading of Braille.